Wu YiFan: “The world awaits the Dragon”


I really don’t know where to start.. my mind and heart wasn’t stable since the lawsuit broke out yesterday. I can’t post cause I’m really in big shock until today… I want to cry and shout so badly but something is holding me… I’m so hurt! I didn’t imagine.. no.~ I did imagine that the person who gave me so much laugh will give me so much pain. I just didn’t imagine it would be this fast to happen.

“The world await’s the Dragon”. Kris posted this on his instagram before they left to China just last week. He also got his tattoo on his arms that day that seems to be a dragon.. and we’re so awe on how hot he look on that tattoo (even though I don’t like guys with tattoo) and made a funny comment that he’s getting rebellious with the company. Kris.. that day… you already had a plan don’t you? When the overdose mv was release, you never posted a celebrating post but picture with a caption, ” miss the days..stay strong.” I could sense there’s something on this post but I just shrug it off cause we’re too happy that other EXO members joined instagram. I really don’t know what to say… I only wanted to write everything that goes in my mind right now. I saw the fancams of the showcase in Shanghai… Kris was so happy.. seems so happy.. Why you are happy Wu Yifan.. Why? Because you finally completed the circle.. you can happily end everything in a showcase? that was started on the showcase 2 years ago? Because… you finally see the galaxy ocean? We can give you more ocean.. much bigger and brighter in the future Mr. Wu!!! We can! Did the company, sucked all the brightness of your galaxy so you wanted to call it a day?! I’m fvking hurt! I was willing to take the risk and became your fan.. and now It’s hurt so bad! I know that you guys aren’t forever! But I’m expecting 10 years at least..not two years! two fuvking glorious years that will just end like that! You dream Wu Yifan.. and we accompany you in that dream. Why everything is becoming a nightmare now? Tell me why?

Kris is my 2nd  bias and I love him a lot so as luhan and the rest of EXO! Sure..I love the dork Wu Yifan.. the basketball player, who don’t like Chicken! Who love to draw even though the drawing doesn’t like him. The Yifan who want to go to Galaxy! The Yifan who just play around with his 11 members.. but fvck! I also Like Kris.. the Kris who stand at the left side of EXO! The Kris who spoke different languages, The Kris who have a stoned bitchy face, The fashionista,  the -Dragon, the  Duizhang, the Leader of Exo-M! I wanted the best for him but I want an OT12 in EXO. Why you wanted to give up now the “We are One”! you’ve shouted a million times in the past two years? Why Wu Yifan?

Why you’re like that SME? You really didn’t learned from the past, did you? I’ve seen how these guys struggling. How their once healthy body getting worn out with all the promotions.. they get hurt and still go on stage! They doze off in too much tiredness and lack of sleep! I’ve seen this all. Now Kris, now matter how hurt I am right now, I wanted to salute you for getting a courage to seek for your right. For being a real leader who wanted a battle.. fair and square. You only wanted to claim what’s yours and what’s suppose to be for EXO. I’m really like an empty shell right now… but I know you will do the right thing Yifan! I’m still here… hurt like nuts but I will stay for you and for Exo.. I’m still here even though it’s hard! I never imagine it could be this hard!

To all the haux Exo fans~ I understand that many of you only like EXo because of their looks. (Admit it. They’re fvkin gorgeous that it’s so hard to believed they’re real human at times!) Leave now! To all the real exo fans/stans and whatever you wanted to call yourself.. let’s brace our self, pray and expect the unexpected. Let’s stay until the end as one! The fandom has been dubbed as the worst and immature fandom but let’s prove them wrong! Let’s be calm no matter how worst we’re feeling right now! #StayStrongForExo,ExoStans!

Wu Yifan: “The word awaits the Dragon”

Exo Fan: We await for you, Dragon”



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