The Things I hate!


I’m awake again and I really can’t take it.. I’m cryin.. good thing that my brother is fast asleep otherwise I’m screwed up for being so pathetic. But no! I’m not! I’m fvcking hurt right now.! He updated his instagram today…

“Trying to stop the car by the arm of the mantis. I’m alright, I wish you all the best, and that things will be even better for you guys. Thanks to all of those who support me, thanks for all your voices of support. Wu Yi Fan will always be here!”

Can you feel our pain Wu Yifan?You  see our suport… you heard our voices but can you feel us? Can you feel?! Fvkig can you feel?????!!!!???I hate you right now! I hate you! I hate also my self! Cause I fvking still love you! I understand that you’re also hurting. Staying in the company that became a hell for you. Then why the hell you endured the 4 years of training and just stay two years after debut?!? Why the hell you even introduce your self to us?? I wish I didn’t know you? I wish you never stand on the stage with a named Kris Wu. You know there are so many people who wanted to reach the same kind of dream that you have. You should have gave them your place if you can’t even put up until the end!

I always call him Wu Yifan when he call himself Kris. Now that he uses the named Wu Yifan… I wish him to be Kris. Tell me.. am I too  selfish? I want him to be Kris even though being Wu Yifan will give him peace. Then let me be selfish for this time cause I really want him to be Kris and comeback to EXO!!! God.. when will I finish this post.. if every time I have to stop cause the tears blurring my eyes! I’m sorry… for your pain Yifan… I’m sorry too myself as well..I can’t stop the pain.

The things that I hate:

I hate you Wu Yifan!

I hate the you debuted and left afterwards!

I hate that leaving and quitting is your style!

I hate that you wanted the Galaxy all by your self!

I hate that you have to go back to the world of Wu Yifan!

I hate to see the 11 members of EXO.

I hate that EXO-M don’t have a leader now!

I hate that EXO and We.. fans are hurting right now!

I hate that Tao is so open on his opinion and his every post breaks my heart to pieces.

I hate that I keep on crying this moment and every time I remember you and held it when somebody is around!

I hate that I have to be alright but in reality  I’m dying inside!

I hate that your dream became a nightmare for you.

I hate my self for still loving you and wanting you to continue to live in EXO planet.

I hate myself for wanting you the best even though it means of losing you.

I hate to think we will address you as former Leader.

I hate to admit but I was actually happy that you debuted and stand on the stage as Kris Wu.

I hate to admit that no matter I tried I never really hate you.

I hate that part of me say’s you do the right thing and we have to support you.

I hate to hear the shout.. “we are one” while missing 1 member, that is You.

Yeongwonhi Saranghae~ Wo Ai ni Mr. Wu!






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