Finally!~ after being delayed for half a month, Exo’s “Overdose” was finally released! The first mini album was released 4/8. The 2nd mini album was release 5/7. Yay~ just add the numbers and you will end up in 12. Even though they got delayed, they still managed to release an album in a significant date. I had watched the LQ version of the MV so no surprise for me~ The surprising part is they slay the charts just like that by just a mini album..no? still not surprise? keke. cause it;s EXO baby! Their pre-orders reached 660,000  and it becomes the most ordered mini album in history. I know this is not yet the final.. I haven’t pre-ordered  yet! Maybe, I’ll just for the store to sell it here in Phil. I love all the version but since Luhan and Yifan is in M..then maybe I should love the Chinese version a little more! 😛 No… I guess, I like M. It’s more fierce and edgy and Tao~ looked like a gangster in the haircut..same with Kai that seems he didn’t sleep since the MV got delayed! I only had one comment, what’s wrong with SM stylist specially Luhan stylist? lol. I wanna cut his tied up hair!.  The K version hit 1M views within 10 hours! M version was now near to 600k views…*sign, if only there’s a youtube in China! I’m sure views on Chinese version will shoot up like a rocket!

Here’s the songs on the album:

Love, Love, Love


EXO-K version


Exo- M Version


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