Shout!! Yifan’s reach a million!


No, I’m not shouting! 😀 we just went to the annual gathering/party of the whole BPO in my company. I always attend because it only happens once a year and last night  was extra special because it’s the 10th year! I’m not amaze that we reach 10 years. I’m amazed how large we grow in those years just like my project. Our project is now in 6 years and they got a contract extension with the client so we might celebrate our 10th year in four years to come. I joined the project 4 years ago. There are only 20 people in our team.. the team lead can treat us without spending too much because there’s only a few of us. Fast forward, 2014… there are almost 50 members in our team.. we doubled and tripled in numbers and the whole project itself has now 800+ employees, working together in one location! So we have morning, mid and night shift! and I just can’t help not to say wow because it was so cool. From red SLA’s and so many escalations, now we’re hitting the green. Of course, there are still bump along the way but that’s part of it. What’s important is we’re now a Gen 4 optimize going Gen 5. The company taught me not to stop. When you reach your goal, you set another goal. Continue to learn and improve. Innovation. Giving value to the clients that will set you different from the rest.  Learning is a continuous process, it never ends unless we’re dead.

Last night was fun. Iya Villana was  such a pretty and funny girl and it’s really a rare opportunity to see the big bosses of the company because usually you only see them in mailer. After, two of my friends crushed  on my dorm and we still manage to watch an EXO video and a super show dvd. Hah~ watta energy! 😛 Today, @galaxy_fanfan reach 1 million followers in Instagram. Chukhahae Galaxy! haha! I created instagram just for him and I never regretted it because soon, Luhan, Chanyeol and Xiumin followed. I’m sure panda Tao has an acount as well but it’s not yet revealed. It must be full of his selcas I’m sure! 😀 But seriously.. what’s wrong with my biases? Luhan~ didn’t post anything on his account but he commented on Yifan’s post “Yo yo yo~man! He’s like a  jeje trying hiphop lingo! keke. And here’s yifan with his *ilove’somuch! Ballin’, chillin’, jet laggin’. errrrr.. Kris what are you doin’? haha! Anyway~ congrats baobei.. Soon Luhan will get his 1M as well.I’m still sleepy. I only sleep for three hours because my father suddenly arrived this morning. Three hours of sleep yesterday and three hours today. What I’m doing with my life??! I deserve better so I’ll sleep again..ZZZzzzzzz


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