Thank You, Ate!


Last night, my younger brother finally went aboard. He’s a marine engineering graduate and finally after months of hunting jobs and doing utilities for two months, he can finally went to a real ship! But before he left, he put me to tears. We are not the common siblings who use to say I love you or Thank you to each other. We’re far from sweet but we’re sweet on our own way. Like, we hold hands or link arms while walking into the mall that we often mistaken as a couple but , we’re not into sweet words. I love linking my arms while walking even to my friends but others feel it weird when I tell them I do it with my brothers. Why not, they’re the closest men to me. Last night, before he left, he send me a text, ” Ate paalis na kami,. Ingat po kau dyan.. Bye bye,. Love you..”  (trans: Sis, we’re leavig, Please take are. Bye Bye. Love you) The last time he said that was on my birthday last December and it’s always on text! haha. We can’t say it face to face! 😀 Then came another text… salamat sayo Ate! (Thank you Ate/Sister!) and before I knew it I was a crying mess and I have to stay on comfort room for good five minutes to cry! Really, the feeling is so surreal knowing that he appreciate everything that I’ve done even though I am  a lazy hot tempered Ate! I’m the girl but he  was the one who cooked. I was just so happy for him because he can finally made his dream come true, he can now stand alone, he can travel and be a total independent from my wings. At the same time, I am sad because I’m gonna miss him so bad! For the  whole 4 years he’s the only one that I have. We courageously live in the city together, just the two of us. He goes to school, I go to work! Oh.. my god.. I’m still crying until now while writing this.. I may seem tough and strong in person but I really have a lot of tears specially for the people I love the most. I wouldn’t mind shedding sweat and tears just for them.

My dear brother-…

” I was so happy for you and proud of you! Life isn’t easy, I always told you.. so please be strong. Take care. Be happy. Do the things  you want to do but be safe.. always. Thank you too…for finishing you’re study! For taking care of me. For staying with me. For being so patient. For understanding! For not being a spoiled brat even though you’re our youngest. I’m sorry for your loneliness, for missing home, for letting you cooked and do the dishes and laundry, you know I’m not an expert to these areas, don’t you? For my temper, for crying, for your anger, for not being a perfect Ate. For not always telling you that I love you but I always do, You and Mark, I love you both! I will miss you but till we meet again, I love you!


He sent me this photo. It’s from Incheon cause that where their connecting flight is before they head to Turkey and I was  so jealous because  he was able to go to Korea first than me. Have you see the Gucci store? Tao..immediately popped up on my head and I’m wondering  if Tao went shopping there.^^ Moreover, the picture seems so calm unlike the crowded one I saw on Exo’s airport fancam.


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