4 years!


When I was typing the title.. I pressed shift so it was spelled as $YEAR! lol. Today is my 4 year anniversary in my company! Technically it’s all because of $Money that’s  why I didn’t hesitate to join 4 years ago! How could I forget. I’m desperate to find a job because I really need money to finance myself and the education of my brother. So, when they tell me I was hired, I’m too happy that my heart might burst open. All through out my life, I’m dependent to my parents financially and I really wanted to earn on my own. 20 days before my graduation, I signed the contract. 20 days after graduation I had my first day! I was like an idiot who was so amaze on their door that automatically opened when they put their badges on the little black scanner found in every door!XD.

Our first two days are the orientation..rules and regulations, etc. We were told to call everybody on their first name (american style)! Cool! Even my boss.. I can call him on his first name! So you have to be very observant cause managers just roam around and just sit on any spaces of our cubicle.. yap. they don’t have fancy offices. They don’t even have a cubicle assigned to them. They just bring a laptop and sit on any open space they could found! poor them! Anyway, their salary must be 10x thicker than mine. But it still so awkward so I still call him Sir or Ms. sometimes. I also have Ate and Mommy! On the orientation, we we’re told, “Overtime isn’t always a good thing!” Efficient employee could finish his job on time. That’s why I really don’t stay in the office unless I really have to. Overtime is not my style! lol.

After 4 years, I’m still here! When will I received my loyalty cash err..card? 😀 Anyway~ I  didn’t always say this, but I’m grateful that they give me a chance to be a part of the growing population of  BPO in the Philippines even if the sun became a moon and I eat launch in the dawn. My brother had just finish  his degree and they save hundred  fold of my resumes that might end up on other company’s recycle bin! I’m also grateful to my friends, lead, mentor and trainers!  For understanding on my randomness, temper and not so usual hobbies!

Ai. More years to come! Cheers!


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