Happy Birthday Luhan


Dear my Deer,

Happy 25th birthday!!


Wow.. time flies fast and it’s now two years since I know you! Are you happy? I wish you are because I’m so happy to know you! You inspire me and made my day right when everything are so wrong! You and your band became my daily dose of vitamins. What’s with you baobei? I hate it that I love you a lot! I hate it that you didn’t know me.  That I’m just your fan and you didn’t know that I’m writing this message to you! I hate it that you didn’t know my name, my birthday, my favorites, my hobbies,  my ideals, my dreams , my likes and dislikes, any personal stuff’s about me while I know yours.. I hate it that I didn’t care at all and care about you all the time. Fvck! you’re a gaddam stranger but no.. I am your fan! From the day you stand on the stage on the showcase until today. Your brothers are equally handsome and sometimes more handsome than you but it is still you until today. You had work even your birthday.. did you see the golden ocean that was created by your fans ad the candle that says “happy birthday Luhan” outside your hotel. I now you saw them and you’re touched. You said so on your message but baobei.. why you always leave us short messages. while Yixing can write us a novel? Did your mom and dad see you on your birthday? Did they greet you, kiss you, and give you gifts? What’s their gift baobei? I have so many questions I wanted to ask you personally but I can’t because I AM JUST A FAN.

Your journey still continue and I’m still here. Let’s walk together until the end ok? You.. as a star and my star I looked up to. Please loose a little. Sometimes, you’re too good to be true that I’m having a hard time to believe you are real. Grab the mics and tell us what you think. Laugh if you want to.. cry if you want to..we don’t care.. Just show us the real you and talk to us more and stop hiding at the back of other members. We wanted to see more of you! Stop going to Beijing alone! It is now too dangerous! But if you missed your family  a lot, go there in secret! Smile a lot and always.. I love your eyes and your smile and everything on your little face. Stop tiring yourself! Be happy and be healthy! Don’t do the things you don’t want too! have dignity and respect your self!

You’re perfect in my eyes Luhan! Please be in EXO unti the day that I didn’t like you anymore! No..that was so selfish! Please be in EXO for a loooooooooonnngerrr time until the day you feel you wanna quit! Please be happy whatever it takes!






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