Lee MinHo fanmeet in Manila 2014


For the 2nd time around, Lee Minho had his second fan meeting in Araneta Coliseum courtesy of Bench, a clothing line in Philippines that he endorsed. I made sure I got to grab the Lower Box  envite because I know that Patron will be a battle field arena! The fanmeet will start at 7, thanks to my friend who was generous enough to get my ticket and for the other friend who reserve me a seat! So I dash to araneta by 6pm and just wait for fanmeet to start. All star open the show by performing different kpop songs and when Lee Minho appeared, I have to double check if my soul was still with me! haha! kidding! It’s just so breathtaking when the screen slowly lifted up and he was there standing gorgeously! One year had passed since the last time I saw him but that one year didn’t do anything for him.. He is still so good looking. No words can tell how much good looking he is in person but he is way way better than what he appeared on our TV and computer screen. He is tall, and lean, and fair, and everything! He is so tired,we know.. but he is so professional and didn’t lose his smile.

I can’t tell one by one what had happen on the fanmeet.. but those who are lucky enough to get pick and got a chance to hug him or take selcas are so lucky. Me: I’m busy shooting daggers at them at the back of my mind! haha.. I’m just so jealous! Towards the end, after he says a few thanks… he suddenly left the stage which also took us by surprise but the host suddenly said he prepared something and so he did! He appeared again and sang “Painful Love”. I always said that I don’t like him as a singer because it felt awkward but I guess I was wrong. Aside from a beautiful face, he also got a beautiful voice! Uhg! Okay, I’ll support his singing career from now on!

Some pics:

Yeonghwonhi SarangHae! ( Forever I love you) Some fans really brought these very large banner!

This is how the Patron look like! Phew.. Good thing we are in Lower Box, 116!

Lee Min Ho Bao Bei! Just imagine how tall he is!

Lee MinHo with the lucky fans! I wish I was one of them but I wasn’t! TT_TT

The gang!!!XD

My ladies outside Araneta outside after the event!








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