Henry’s Real Men /SNSD song got leaked


I had mention that I’ve meet some kpop fans within our company. It’s no joke. We formed a little group of all the kpop fans in the company and last Saturday, we celebrated our first anniversary.

we turned 1 year! *please excuse our faces. haha

We had different fandoms, some are vips, blackjacks, hottest, voice, elf, exo fan but we get along well. Partly because, all of us are mature enough to understand that fanwar won’t do any good at all. The korean resto was so nice. The owners are so nice that they personally go to every table to chat and assist their customers. The husband even tried to jokingly peek at the back when we’re having a picture taking. 🙂

Today, CN Blue’s new mv, “Can’t stop” was finally released. While SNSD’s Mr. Mr. was leaked. I seriously don’t know if it’s really a leakage. I wanted to believe that this is the new way of promotion of SM entertainment. Exo’s songs were also leaked at the past. I had listen already to SNSD’s song.. I think I like it. I’m now waiting for the official mv and see what’s the actual product really is. As for CNBlue, I like it. I like it a lot. Well, CN Blue songs are really good and I like it that they used a light background in the mv. 2en1 will going to release too next week so it’s gonna be, CNBlue vs. SNSD vs. 2EN1, boice vs. sone vs. blackjack. I talked to a friend, she think CNBlue will benefits the mashed up of SNSD and 2EN1. I also think so but then Sone’s fanbase are really strong. I think they can still slay the chart even though the songs has been illegally download already by others. I wish that SM won’t use this kind of stunt to Super Junior when they comeback. If they did then *flipstable. haha. I guess, Elfs won’t bother.. they don’t really compete on digital sales cause they wanted to grab the album of the year so they worked hard to support the physical sales.

Henry and his luggage! 😀

I had watch real men with Henry and I had died laughing on his  ignorance with military life! I initially freaked out on the news before, that he bid goodbye to fans to enter military until I realize that he is chinese- canadian. So I read the news and thank God it’s only a show. I guess I still have a trauma for Heechul. He revealed it 10 days before the enlistment. At first, he wanted to just disappear quietly but he felt bad not be able to bid goodbye to fans. August 20, 2011.. how could I forgot the date when the news of his military enlistment broke out.  Back to Henry, he arrived in the camp with a very big luggage a thin clothes so that he appear good. Kangin said that managers are not allowed to enter because all the one wearing red cap in the camp are his managers. He is all smiles when the army with red cap appeared. I’m really afraid that he might asked the officer to carry his luggage thinking he’s his manager. 😛 He has difficulty in marching because he’s carrying his luggage and I really felt with K.will and the other person (I forgot the name) because they’re so close to burst in laughing but they can’t because they might end up being punished. Before military life, the military doctor checked them up. Before giving his papers, he do handshakes with the doctor. The doctor was so amused to him because he looked like a 5 year old kid! (Ya! Henry~ya! % year old title belongs to Donghae).

Henry’s luggage being taken away…poor mochi! 😀


On the other room, he was asked what’s his height, and he then explained his height at day and his height at night and his height when he has insoles..kekeke. He  even bring his insoles so that he will go higher and comfortable when he shoot a gun! My stomach ache for too much laughing on the scene. He then open his luggage. He has sun glass, a yoga mat for his stretching, a computer if he got bored, a pillow, and of course his insoles. hahaha. In the end, his luggage was taken from him and was sent home. They then being taught on what to do. When asking question, they have to state their recruit#, their name and the question. He then asked, how he can go to the toilet. Really.. for all the questions! I realized…ah, this is super junior’s maknae! Too innocent and too funny to! 😀


Super Junior’s Super Show 5 has finally ended last February 22, 2014 at Beijing China. For 11 months, they were able to performed in 20 countries and gather almost 1.5 million audiences since SS1 to SS5. Oh yeah, it’s super Junior you know! ~~ I feel sad that the tour had finally ended but I’m much more happy because we became part of the tour and I finally saw them live and now, they can concentrate more on their other activities and for the comeback and on Super Show 6!

Sapphire blue ocean!! So Beautiful! ❤


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