Living in the Moment


I had been playing this song since yesterday. It’s the soundtrack on Sehun’s epilogue on the final episode of Exo Showtime. The song and the lyrics was simple and beautiful.

Just how cute this pic is?

I feel like the one on top of the hill just watching the sun to rise in the morning and set in the evening while feeling the wind slowly blows on my skin. I grew up in such kind of environment in the province. Very simple. No electricity , no gadgets. Everything are just given by nature.

Living in a moment sounds so simple isn’t it? But then, it’s hard not to worry for tomorrow. Everything is uncertain here on earth and I really can’t help not to think of the future. But then the song says otherwise.. to just enjoy life!

I attended yesterday the first birthday of my Grandson. he grew up to a beautiful child. When he was born, he was so big and dark but now he got fairer and lose weight so he’s just an average one year old kid and I like it that he has small eyes just like his mother! I know he will grow up to a handsome boy I wish he won’t become a cassanova afterwards. 😛 They have this videoke on their home and I’ve frustrated because I didn’t know now any new english songs! Maybe I should listen again to some english songs to catch up! It will be weird if I suddenly played korean or chinese or japanese music and they gonna tease me again that I’m singing in chenchangso! hahaha. Thanks to Kpop, I’ve been exposed to these kinds of music. I remember when I went home last December, due to my work, I’m already awake by 3am or so (very early) and then you can’t find any interesting stuff to listen on radio during these hours except for morning news and I was kind of board with news because it seems like they’re all the same, (killings, robbery, corruptions) and they’re just changing the name of people involved. I tuned the radio to Chinese station playing Chinese music and my father suddenly asked me, do you understand that? I said, No! But I like the music cause it’s nice! haha.. He probably want me to change the station but couldn’t tell me directly.  I normally listen to all kinds of music as long as it has good melody. Lyrics didn’t matter  except if it’s full of swearing and stupidity fu*** and stuff. When you listen to them, you normally didn’t go after the lyrics but the way it sounds that’s why I don’t have a problem listening to k-pop, c-pop or  j-pop.


Lay and Luhan imitating a crying Kris. “Ommaaaaaa!!!”

Just this morning, the audio file of Kris singing a song “lullaby” was all around the internet It is said that he composed it last 2009 along with a trainee named Kevin Shin! His Canadian name is Kevin Wu and he hung out with another Kevin! 🙂 The song was for their mom.

I guess, Yifan was lonely all through out those training years and missed his mom so badly. It’s kind of sad that members made fun of him for crying shamelessly because he missed his mom. They even tried to imitate him which was so funny but thinking it deeply it’s not fun at all when you missed a person so badly and you can’t do anything but only to missed them. I leave home at the age of 16. I maybe like a hard headed perks but then I truly missed my family so I really can’t relate to the chinese members who’s in young age, they have to left china and leave in korea just to pursue their dreams. If I got Kai’s super power, I probably snickered to their dorm once in while to check if they are okay.

Hahahaha! What would be their faces like if I appear this way!?:P

Of course I wouldn’t do that! That’s invading of privacy! 😛



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