Exo Showtime Final Episode


Exo showtime had ended. Weather I like it or not, it has ended.  I got a mixed feeling while watching it. These kids are so cruel! I ended up on a clinic instead on a date and they also ended the show! Didn’t they know it’s Valentines day?!? They’re adding fuel to my misery!

cr: sparkofmoonlight

Watching the final episode…

Haha! Just kidding! It is so humorous because the kids we’re just trolling until the end.. So touching, for four months, we’ve got to see the other side of them every week, and their improvements  in varieties. Thinking of their first episode, it was so awkward. There’s so many silent moment because they don’t know what to, what to say or  who should say it.

They started off thinking the last four months and what are the things they want to changed from previous episodes. Galaxy Kris, wanted to edit his “wink style” on first episode and I was like, “No! after a year and a half of following you, that’s the most dumbest thing you’ve ever done!” He said that his image since debut was so handsome and until now, he is still handsome more than Suho! Haha.. It’s so funny when the two leaders bickered playfully like that!He do it again with a moonwalk style and requested a beat box from the members.

Kai wanted to changed the arm wrestling part and wanted to do it using their legs. The pairing didn’t match though.. how could they pair the giants members to dwarfies members! haha. Kris and Baek, Sehun and DO, Chanyeol and Xiumin. The funniest part is when the namic Tao turned to red instead of green during his duel with Chen! LOL at Kai’s flustered face when the members were just acting to lose and let him win until the end and they kept on saying they can’t win over him because he do ballet! Clearly, he’s not happy on easy win and pissed off but the members decided already from the start to let him win until the end even if Yifan tried to interfere! 😀

Chen wanted to go back on the practice room where they had the holding breath. He got lost to Luhan that day. Those part was memorable to me because my question got answered why Luhan didn’t hit high notes like DO even though it’s clear that he can do it. Why he became very stiff and tried to control everything on his face! While watching it before, I literary wanted the floor to open and eat me up! haha. This time, the members told Luhan to not act and just do it as much as he could. He ended up on 26 seconds because he has cold. But Chanyeol, the leader of prank won’t let it, so Chen’s record was 1:37 minute because he already let the time running even before Chen could start. But his actual record is 18 seconds.  Of course, what can he do if the prankster Chanyeol was in charge with the timer. 😀

When it’s time for Xiumin, the members got so silent and focused on him and he suddenly complain why it’s so quite when he talk and then Suho asked him, “You know how it feel when nobody listen to you?” haha. The episode where they eat hotpot were shown again. Suho was  saying something and nobody’s listen  and he’s like, “Ya! I’m the leader kids! And I’m talking!”

Suho’s face when nobody listen to him during hotpot episode! 😀

The members got  so silent when Xiumin is talking maybe because out of respect since he is the oldest or just because he seldom talk. We are like that too…when we hear a silent person talk, we’re kind of retards who are amazed that he talk! Haha! On the new year episode, his new year resolution was he will talk more in shows and then came the next episode where he only became a flower pot in the room and never utter a single word. Do and Baek asked him what are the things he wanted to say to the members but he couldn’t. He said, “You guys are  too noisy”! But then he wanted to be like Baekhyun who never run out of words. Baek told him that he will  help  him for 150,000 won per month! 😀 Baek asked him what is EXO to him. He answered that Exo is his other self that he can’t live without! *teary eyed..why so   cute Minseokie**

DO still didn’t forget that he wasn’t able to eat buljjajang on his birthday because  the members except Kai wrote Jjajangmyeon! They do again the telepathy thing and guess what’s the food  he wanted to eat. Lay, Chanyeol, Luhan, kai and Sehun  got it correctly “curry ramyeon”. Baek, just wrote ,”Im Yours”. Wahaha! As expected from the random Baekhyun. Tao and Kris, didn’t got it correctly but they are the first one to get the food. They should not eat if they can’t guess it correctly. To save his pride, Kris said that it’s not his style but automatically open his mouth when Chanyeol, give him a bite!

I’m dying on this fanart! pwahaha. Baek! What happened?

Baek wanted to edit his part on the haunted house where he scream on top of his lungs! He wanted to act cool at this time so the members pretend to give him a shock and he said, Oh Kaep song! The edited version of the huanted house with his part oh kaep song were shown again! Keke

Tao wanted to go back to the part where they toured around Namsan and eat Bboki and he suddenly has all the materials to make bbokki! The members asked him how could he brought it from their dorm!

Lay wanted to go back on the day he and Chanyeol made a happy song but it ended up a sad song. Xiumin asked him if he’s now happy and could made a happy song and his serious and sad face suddenly changed to happy one while he said “ha?” They tried  to make a song and Tao said, ” Gwenchandi egeot” (this is alright)but because of his  funny accent, Baek copied it again and even put it on the lyrics of the song! Baek love to copy Tao’s pronunciation and  It’s hilarious!

Luhan wanted to go back also to the haunted house because he is usually very manly and Sehun butted in ” Aniyo!”. He is manly until the ghost appeared. The members then immitate him how he scream when DO leave him inside the haunted house. He wish that his cool image will be shown too. Baek said because the basket ball part weren’t shown where he is very manly and won an MVP. I know that there’s so many cut part on the show. I saw the basketball picture before but there’s no basketball part until the end of the show.

Exo Basket ball part

They also showed their room on the dorm on the trailer before but they ended up on a vacation house and not on their dorm. I guess, they didn’t show the basketball part because if they did  he will be getting a lot’s of offer in every basketball show aside from soccer and futsal. The member’s then suggest to just have a parody of the heirs and Sehun give him a name of “LuTan”- the heir of the deer farm!lmao! Baek give the story line and members said they will just be the trees on the street. Suho acted first as the Cha Eunsang but Lutan can’t act and keep on laughing because  the actress (Suho) is  too ugly so Tao replaced him. I’m sorry Suho~ your members are bunch of bullies!:D The parody? It went well I guess. Well, what can you expect if the 12 crazy dorks do it! The basketball part was then shown. All of them are wearing black and white shirts and shorts except for Sehun and Luhan who are wearing pants!*cough  hunhan cough* It’s a pity that they didn’t show this. This is outdoor.

Their episodes, are normally done  inside a room or at night! The only outdoor they’ve done on daylight is when they buy Chanyeol gift and the tour in Namsan. I understand that they can’t do so much filming outside specially if it’s purpose is to be natural as possible because they are being swamped by fans the moment they set foot outside the door so it’s such a waste that they cut this basketball part.

Sehun and Luhan’s leg wristling. I smell Hunhan…^^

Sehun wanted to filmed a road movie. So the members said to do it. Sehun really can’t sit still and it’s evident on this episode. He keep on roaming  around. First, he’s sitting beside Luhan, and then beside Chen, then Suho, the Luhan again while the other members stick to their sits from beginning until the end.

Last is Suho, while talking about the things he is uncomfortable from past episodes, the members are busy again on eating pop corn! Haha :D.They really love to bully him. I guess, it’s a norm in SM that leaders are usually being bullied by members, leeteuk, onew… 😀 He said that as Exo-K leader, he went to the water so he hope that Exo-M leader Kris will go to the water too and then Kris said, ” I was the leader too?”. Pwahaha. Oh Yifan, you didn’t know? Where have you been? Keke. He then said that if he go to the water, he wanted the person he liked the most to go with him and he ended up naming all the 11 members. With Kai’s teleportation power, they were suddenly on beach again. He still tried to get away from going to the water but the members won’t let him. Lol. Chen already have all the towels  stocked on the side pocket of his jacket.  He then run into the sea despite of cold weather so no wonder he’s sick last Chinese new year. Tsk tsk. I loved the description given to him ” The members who appeared like a comet”. He is the galaxy hyung who danced moonwalk style. Haha. Kris is a person with a big height and big dreams and like a comet~ very unpredictable. I also wish that someday he will be able to visit the galaxy since it’s his dream! 🙂 For now, it’s ok if he will be the brightest comet  along with his  11 brightest stars.

Sehun’s movie part was shown on the last part and I feel so sad.. Ah..it was  really ended. The craziness and silliness of the 12 dorks had ended to start a new beginning. People who are not into k-pop  always complained why they have so many members. It’s hard to remember their names and faces and to shine or get a spotlight on the group with equally 12 handsome members but this show, showed  their distinct characteristics  from each other. So different yet so the same. Together, they help each other to reach their dreams. Filled up what others are lacking. They’re like a fireworks, each have different colors, different sounds, different height level but when you lit them together, they are so colourful and very beautiful.

This is  a very long post! All for Exo! 😀 Happy Valentines day again Yeorubun!

EXO! Saranghaja!


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