Kai is an alien!


If Luhan is the visual of EXO-M, EXO-K’s visual is Kai (Kim Jongin)! If Luhan is the 2nd oldest, Kai is the 2nd youngest.  If Luhan always have the bright character, Kai is a sleepy head..he even dozed off in the airport. If Luhan can move things using his mind (telepathy), Kai can move anywhere using his body (teleportation). When they debuted, they claimed themselves as people from Exo Planet and the twelve of them have different super powers… err…just some weird promotional concept of Sm Entertainment but I guess, Kai is really an alien.

Look at his antenna!

cr: seen on the picture

On top of his head…

cr: luhanprince.tumblr

….is the antenna!

cr: seen on the picture

It has a life of his own..

stop fooling us Kai!

cr: Luhanprince.tumblr

But then..he is an adorable alien, isn’t he? 😀

Lol at Luhan’s face! 😀

I’m shy! I’m shy!


aw.. maknaes! SeKai!

Kai punishing Sehun! haha

We will be having a small exchanged gift and they said we have to give a code name (name of our idol) and I was like this-

code? pwahaha!XD

I’m sure they will know that it’s me the moment they read the name! haha! Anyway, I didn’t put Luhan or Donghae. It’s this Piccasso! 😀

buing buing!

For all the single ladies, ” You’ve got to dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening and Live like it’s heaven on earth”.- William Purkey

For those in a relationship, ” Nothing’s permanent on earth! Enjoy while it last!” Haha. Kidding!XD.

Happy Hearts day!


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