When I want the time to stop.


Exo in Exo showtime ( I don’t own this pic)

I saw the pic on one of the zone of Exo fans on facebook. Isn’t it cute? It’s so cute! Chen and Lay sleeping and the sad eyes of Baek and Kris! Even if they are in real picture or just a chibi, they are always cute! 🙂 But to be honest, I wanted the time to stop now. I wish I have the power of Tao! lol. Tomorrow will be the last episode of Exo Showtime.. *sigh. I’m sad. I will miss the show so much! But then, I was happy that we were able to see them in their normal self~err.. maybe not too normal because they know they are being filmed but then we saw, the clumsy and dork leader Yifan, the soft but authoritative Suho, the quite but mischievous Lulu, the thrifty maknaes Kai and Sehun, the ever so sweet who missed his grandma Yixing, the king of low notes and high notes Chen Chen, the cute but strong Xiumin, the prankster Baek and Chanyeol, and the squishy Kyungsoo and the crying 4D kid Tao. Throw the show, we learned that they are not that perfect after all..I learned that Luhan got a derp face when he forced to reach high notes so he always got the low keys! and Yifan isn’t that almighty dragon but a dragon fly! 😀 kidding. Yifan is the 2nd person o my bias list after Lulu. But even knowing of their short comings, I still love them. I still love them even if the other fandom looked at Exo fans  like shits and retards. I can’t help it.. the fandom is a bit crazy than the rest.

Last night at the office (I work in night shift), I was able to chat with a fan boy who is also a big fan of Exo. I was so happy! keke.. He belongs to different location and project but then I was just happy to encounter a kpop fan even in a different culture of corporate. It’s rare. They are not so open and usually, they are more of anime. But I was  happy that I was able to meet some people who are into kpop in the company. We talk about how DO leave Luhan in the hunted house, and how Yifan was so different from his initial image! 😀 But then let’s give a round of applause to Sehunie for being the original of “Yehet” and “Ohorat”

credit as seen on the picture

In two years, they’ve come a long way and I’m excited on how far they could go in the blinding light of the spotlight. I wish that they will stay as humble as they are in the beginning and will always be happy like this.

everyone is normally happy and then there’s Chanyeol!


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