Super Junior: My first and still my first fandom


I have a report tomorrow but I ended up watching Super Junior’s super show performances. My favorite song of them is “No other” but I love the performance and the lyrics of Superman. It’s all about them. The last man standing. I’m glad that up to this day, they still live to that line. I became a fan..early 2011.. it’s before super show 3 Manila. I can’t believe, I’m now in 3 years and still counting. I also don’t know why I love them so much… I guess I already forgot why I became their fan in the first place.. all I know is I still love them till now.

Super Junior has a rough beginning. They are not the group who rose to stardom right before our eyes. They are not even permanent in the first place. For them, every performance is the last that’s why they always give them  all in everything. After all the controversies, accidents, leaving, it’s amazing that they are still in the industry and still on top. I always say this, they are the group that gives me a lot of pain.. To be an Elf, is…kinda hard I guess.. Our life was just full of sending off the members and waiting for their return. They are now in hiatus and I miss them a lot! a lot! The other day, their manager had got married. I said, when will SJ going to get married?  It seems weird but am I the only Elf who wanted to see them with their other half walking on the aisle? I’m ready for them if ever they got married, except for the maknaes.. I wish that they will find a person who will love them more than I do.. who will do the things that I’m dying to do but I couldn’t, who will take care of them and will complete them and will make them happy. They thought me a lot of things… to smile even if you’re in pain. It’s not being fake. It’s showing that you are happy that God give you that challenge because He know you can do it. To be patient. Waiting isn’t bad after all if it’s all worth it. To continue to chase your dream even if the whole world disagree. They are not perfect..but in our eyes (ELF), they are perfect. Isn’t that love is like that? Seeing the imperfect person perfectly? They do a lot of stupid things that makes me think sometimes, “Why did I love these dorks?” haha! But I love it that they are not perfect, so human. It will be hard for me to reach them if they are perfectly flawless.

When I started, it’s so hard to remember their names and faces, but now it will be hard to forget their names and faces. For all the Elfs, it’s ok to love other groups..but let’s not leave them. Let’s walk with them until forever.

Yesung posted this o his FB page last Feb 8, 2014


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