Every Good Things didn’t Last… so as the Bad


I just finish the 11th episode of Exo Showtime and next week will be the last episode. I’m going to missed the show so much. I’m always giddy for Friday because it’s the time that the English sub will be uploaded by our dear subbers. I wish that they will appear on more varieties next time and we got to see their real side. So far, the member that gave a deep impression on me is Yifan. Before, when you saw a giant guy with a bitchy face, there’s no second thought, that’s Yifan. Now if the chicken is not his style, it’s Yifan. 😀 I saw him differently now. He is just such a warm, and dork leader. Luhan is really quite in real life. He has mischievous side in him like what they did to Chen’s wallet but not so blunt like Baek or Chanyeol. He is still a mysterious member for me. You know, he didn’t talk much about his personal  stuff. Last Chinese new year, I felt sad that it’s only his friend who picked him up in airport. Where are your parents my Deer?

Yesterday, EXO ph has a survey online for those who wanted EXO to have a fan meet here in the Philippines. As much as I want Exo to visit here, I don’t want it to be handled by Kpop republic. From what happened to the show that they produced, (kpop republic and DKFC2) I have a trauma on their production.

I was bombarded with lots of trainings and…I don’t know.. I always feel so tired. I’m tired. I’m always feel tired that all I want is just to lay down immediately but then, I still can’t sleep, so I just have to browse some stuff on the internet. The FY 14-Q1 collaborators in Financial Services was released last night and I was laughing so hard because I’m on the 4th place.. the other four are managers from Finland, London, Paris and Germany wearing executive suit with bow and tie and there was name, an Analyst from Philippines with a picture of Luhan! hahaXD

Luhan: He looked like a manga character. The only difference is he is REAL.

I don’t know if I should be happy or what! lolol. I feel guilty though because when you see my page in the company, it’s full of kpop related stuffs. My blogs are all about K-pop too. I shouldn’t have use the company resources in those things so I decided to slowly migrate everything here! keke.

Exo showtime is one of the things that will end soon.. I wish that all the bad things will  end too. Could it be a sign that I should have to start looking for my other half? It’s already February, next Friday is Valentines day but instead of going to a date, I’m going to the doctor for my Annual Physical Exam. lol. I wish that everyone will be happy not just next Friday but in their everyday life.

Ps. I love this pic of Lulu so much! The caption was  just..wow!! I got the lines from one of the blog that I read about him..so I only put it on the picture. I also wanted to tell him these lines.

Did I loved you in my previous life Lulu?


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