Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2


It’s been a long time since my last post!Sorry, I’m so busy. 😦 I’ve got some notification that some people had followed this little blog of mine but I can’t follow back because I can’t see the follow blog button. Uhg.. I still have lots to learn on my settings but my time is pretty limited these days. Anyway, thank you so much!

Yesterday was a very tiring but one of the happiest day of my life because I’ve got  to see again the Super Junior. They are my first fandom and still my first fanndom. To be honest, compare to line -ups, stage production, ticket prices, promotion of DKFC1 last year, DKFC2 sucked this year. I’m sorry to tell for the fans of other groups but as an Elf, I really felt that they use SJ-M to sell more tickets. >.<

Before the concert, we know that SJ-M will have a fan meeting in Gateway so we dashed out by 3PM. There are a lot of fangirls waiting for them already and when they come out, I guess my soul leave my body for a moment! haha. Well, it’s just so surreal that we’re only one  floor apart, they’re walking at 5th floor while we’re watching at 4th  floor. We waited for around 1 hour again that seems forever to me before they went out from Cinema 5 and Donghae, being the five years old again trapped in man’s body were busy filming us below! He is also the last one to enter the elevator and I will say it over and over again, Donghae, is much much much good looking than what he appears on our PC screen and on pictures. I’m not saying this because he is my bias but because it’s true. If I don’t know he’s age, I will think, he’s only 20 years old who just graduated college. Henry and Ryeowook was so cute! Still so cute! We used to call Henry as male barbie doll and he is still is. And Hyukjae!! Uhg, can these guys could get ugly in my eyes even for 1 second? I wasn’t able to see Kyu or maybe I did but I was so busy staring at Donghae! Haha. Sungmin,is the first one to walk in the elevator so I only saw him for a second and  Zhoumi.. I really thought he is Siwon until I learned that Siwon didn’t come. The built, the height, the hair style, he is so Siwon (well, they resembled a lot).

Donghae’s video of us at the 4th floor.

On the concert, we only bought gen add tickets because I only wanted to see Super Junior and BAP among the line up. Besides, I already saw Suju last October so more or like, I only wanted to see them perform even from afar and the fact, that I’m there. I don’t want to detailed the performances because this will only be full of rants. Lol. I only got hyped up when BAP appear because I know that next to them is Super Junior. Heck, I thought I waited for so long! BAP, shoot..lemme tell you that these guys are awesome along with block B! BAP, debuted last 2012 so they’re somehow still a newbe but they’re hot and awesome!. They are so tall and sleek and fierce and handsome with those  tight leather black pants and jackets. I also wanted to commend BAP fans, “BABAY’s ” for an awesome fanchants and whistles!  When Super Junior  appear, I’m telling you, they owned the crowd. They are still the Super Junior I’ve used to know! They only preformed four songs and I taught they only  stand there for  a second cause obviously we want more! Anyway, I’m so happy that we we’re able to sing a “Happy Birthday” to Kyuhyun! I wanted to cry… I realized that no matter how I do fangirling on other groups, Super Junior still got the big pieces of my heart and I’m happy about it!


The carzy gangs!XD

The Stalkers!:D


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