Luhan: The cutest ugly of them all


On the recent Sohu interview of Exo-M, Luhan states that he was also surprised to see his ugly photos and he tried to control his face  whenever  he smile. Lol. Lulu, maybe you are a visual but really you are the derp king and everybody knows it! haha. I remember this funny comments I’ve read on some of his photos. “Oppa, I know you’re pretty but can you please control first your creases? Your jaw seems to reach the floor too anytime soon”. Haha!

Can’t believed i love this guy 😛

You’re not that happy, aren’t you?

But, he is visual of Exo M, so I’m really sorry to the the other five members. keke.

I liked him the first time I saw him at the showcase because of his eyes. The first time they stand together and introduced themselves.. I was drown to his eyes. Could it be a requited love at first sight? I like him before I ever know his name. Anyway, I always like  person because of there eyes. Sometimes, you can say if the person is nice just looking at his eyes. They were the window of your soul as they say.

His eyes…

Sometimes, I wonder if he cried so many times before. He has gentle and kind gaze that will only let you want to protect him. I also can’t believe that he will turned 24 (25 korean age) this April. If I didn’t know him, I will tell he’s only 16.

Deer don’t cry..

You know, it’s already a kind of fashion in Korea to wear eyeliners even if guys ( we called them Guyliners”) mainly because they have smaller eyes and for it to appear big on screen. It’s not surprising also that they wore it best. But in terms of Exo, I will still give the crown of a “Guyliner” to Baekhyun!

He wear eyeliner better then me…*sobs

These are too cute. I have a large collections of his cute photos.


Yesterday, I saw this edited pic on some of his page on facebook and I share this on my wall. One of my friend who is not into kpop asked if it’s real. Of course, I said it’s only edited by fans. She asked me why fans do that. They looked like gay. I just laugh.

credit as seen on the photo

Since I entered into kpop and became a hard core fan of Exo when they debuted, I already kept on hearing the word gay. even on other groups..super junior, infinite, ukiss, named it. lol. For non-kpop fan, when you mention kpop, it’s gay. If only they know. haha.But then, we can’t blame them. Kpop have different and unique culture. We love to edit and put there faces on girls body.. cause really.. they are so pretty. We love to ship them with each other. It’s weird at first, but then it’s fun. I’ve been following them closely since debut, you know.. I watch all of their variety shows, commercials, interviews, bts, and a fan knows more than anyone else (of course aside from those who work with them directly) so it didn’t matter to me of whatever they say. Of course, it hurts sometimes but then as what I’ve said, you as a fan know more than anybody else.


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  1. At first I used to get upset when my non kpop friends called them gay, but not anymore. I understand why they would think of them as being gay, as you mentioned, the eyeliner and prettiness. But yes that’s because they’re different. I don’t get upset anymore. I tell them they don’t understand and know anything about kpop, so how can you judge them.

    • You are right! They won’t understand and sometimes, I really don’t want to explain anymore. so if my friend ask me it’s a girl when she saw Ren of Nuest..I said..”No. But he’s pretty” XD. Good thing that you overcome the judgement and didn’t bother by it anymore. Fanboy is pretty cool! it doesn’t matter who you are.. kpop is still music and it must be fun.

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