Climax: The saddest yet greatest performance


This is the self compose and final performance of Team B after they lost on WIN competition and I cried for 3 hours.. no kidding. I will forever treasure this piece.  At the start of Win.. I really said to myself that I will not watch it. I did not watch it so pardon me if I didn’t know them.  Maybe..because I’m afraid for a thing something like this to happen. I’m afraid that I will root on one team and they will not make it until the end. I’m a type of person that can’t easily let go the things I’ve got attached with. YG produces top notch groups but we know how fierce he is. When he said it, he will do it. Team A win.. we’re only now waiting for their official debut.. But team B..they will probably wait a long long years if ever they still wanted to debut in this company. They didn’t debut so many groups.. their intervals are 3 to 4 years. Their last group was Bigbang who debuted 8 years ago. Maybe after 3 years from now..they will debut a girl group as 2en1’s successor.. so Team B..will wait for around 6 to 8 years more.. But then, YG is kinda unpredictable..we didn’t know.

Team B’s average age is 16.. in such a young age..they we’re able to put their future on a bet.. walk in thin sheets of ice.. and made this tear jerker song and performance. Everything they wanted to say.. their hardships, anguish, their love for their family and friends.. their hopes. In the end~ they are still kids chasing for their dreams in an unknown and this song is only dedicated for their mom . When you watch the vids, please take the lyrics seriously. This is the reason, why I was drown into the world of Kpop too.


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