JYP got Got7


I  finally got to check out JYP’s new boy group Got7. Finally, after 5 years! I was so drown on EXO activities that I really don’t have enough time to check out Rookies so pardon me if I only know JB and JR from JJ Project. But if you happen to know the member that look like Minwoo of Boyfriend or Kevin of Ukiss, please do tell me his name.^^ Anyway, I’ll probably going to know their names soon, hell~ They’re JYP’s babies honey!

The MV: Girls Girls Girls

Ditching was bad but who cares if they are so fvcking hot on those mini motorcycle that look like a skater. If SM use an abandon building to film growl, JYP use the underground secret club for this MV. If EXO, use one camera and rotate it 360 degrees, they use frames. I wonder if this is also a one take vid but they also use only one location. The song was fun. The moves, it seems so simple except for the flips but it’s really fun..Just like a typical hip hop with some flying here and there.lol. If EXO have back flips spin, they have too! Kpop started to conceptualize martial arts into their performances.. and it’s getting serious now. I read that some of them knows martial arts too.

The first performace of “follow me”


**I seems to watch american b-boys, korean version! The one I’m talking about who capture my eyes..he’s the one with white stripes. I finally know his name~ Mark! XD


The first Performance: Girls Girls Girls



**OMG, can you believed that? I still like the same person here, the one do the last spin with a red hair, he is still Mark! I literary go back to” follow me” video to check what’s the hair color of Mark. So Mark is now my first bias here! lol. I know BamBam too.^^


So one down, for JYP. YG’s rookie Group “Winner” will debut anytime this year and if EXO got a comeback this year.. Big 3 will clash again with their rookies! Btw, BAP should not be missed. They’re coming back next month!^^

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