Exo Showtime Ep 4 and 5


This is late because there’s no net in our province.. but since I had already started it, let’s finish everything until the end. Exo’s showtime episode 4 is a precious episode like the rest.lol. Everything is so precious for me. Have you notice Chanyeol and Kris? They have the same hat.. these two are really inseparable. Lay’s wearing a maroon jacket again. On previous episodes, he keeps on wearing maroon Jacket, even on airports. I guess, this is his favourite color.  He did his famous ddukboki impersonation again.  Sehun’s bubble tea  just roam around with the members. They just drink straight from the straw like it’s the usual thing to do, (isn’t that it’s like an indirect kiss?) this only shows how close they are. I only shares my food with the person I’m close with or with my family. Baek’s gift is so random..seriously, who will give his picture as a gift? But the most epic was Tao’s gift! ~~no.. It’s Chanyeol’s face! Lol. Tao give him a paper but didn’t write anything. Luhan and Xiumin~ there is something between these two. They are always together since the previous episodes and now Luhan even got Minseok’s gift. This is a good sight for a Xiuhan shipper like me!:D How could be Kris, with all his height don’t have any strength?!? He even challenged Suho but lost in the end.. The members kept on challenging him instead and he ended up begging for a win even for once. Minseokie is really strong despite being so small. Members impersonate Yifan while crying is so epic. He is also the one who cried first on the movie.. Could it be that he saw himself on the little girl? Where’s your dad Mr. Wu? Why you changed your name from Li? I think Luhan already watch the movie..same with Sehun because they already know what will happen next when they told the crying Yifan that the scene is nothing compared to the rest of the movie yet Luhan still cried. I’m also like that.. I cried and  when I happen to watch it again, I still cry. It’s good to know that EXO could cry on a simple movie… they’re just like us. I find it cute when a man cried…you know, it takes a lot of courage and it’s rare to see a man’s crying. However, korean men don’t afraid to cry. Maybe not all, but their idols cried easily.. seems that “Guys don’t cry” wasn’t being observe on their country.

Episode 5

Notice that Chanyeol wore the bomber hat that Lay bought on episode 3. I guess, he still got all the birthday gifts, he is also wearing the wolf hat (Minseok’s gift) on the beach and Chanyeol and Kris still seats together like in previous episodes..  So it’s really a fact that Krisyeol are best of friends. Xiumin’s really like fantasies since he wanted to go under the sea to see the little mermaid. Lol. On episode 4, he also got a book of “Little Prince” (he must be really happy). Ok~ let’s just call Minseok a little prince, I called Lulu “Little Deer” anyway! Hehe. Yifan wanted  to visit a galaxy.. What we’re you thinking Mr.Wu?It’s nice  but it’s impossible like Yixing wish to visit the sea near Baek grandmother’s house since it’s in the mountain. Why Yixing didn’t know what a campfire is? Or it is just called different in China?  I know what a campfire since first grade when we do a scout camping. But Baek’s explanation what a campfire is was so funny. Sehun wanted a yaja time and the first one to react is Minseokie as expected since he is the oldest.. Here in Phil, the age is still being observed but not strictly like in Korea. Of course, we shows respect but we still can freely express ourselves.  Suho  just gave his card to DO without any word~ I must admit, he looked so cool and there is Kris.. announcing his big news, ‘he didn’t bring his wallet’,  so they ended up bugging Luhan to buy! Lol. The smirk on their faces when they tricked Chen we’re so precious. lol. Usually on shows,  it’s the dongsaengs specially the maknaes who take advantage and bully the hyungs *coughKyucough* so it’s cute when the oldest line played a tricked to their dongsaengs, then plastered their most angel like faces  afterwards.

They also tried to imitate their sasaengs. Exo has a lot of sasaengs… like A LOT!  Lay was so cute while ordering his food and  eat alone. There are people like that, they don’t want chaotic environment. We can’t see it but there’s probably  a lot of people around their filming… their managers, cameramans and some people/fans around the area.  They are so cute on the beach..so cute..like kids, playing with the waves, screaming and laughing and there’s Yifan having his own photo shoot with  Xiuminie.. Keke. Kai have a habit taking off his shows, it’s so cold and the members we’re fully cloth even if their shows were soaked in water  but there he is bare footed.

On episode 4, while watching a movie, he also took off his shows and sit comfortably on the sofa. I saw lots of photo of him without socks. I also don’t like close shoes cause it feel hot. I prefer sandals.  I always watch on k-drama the game they’ve played but I never tried it. Maybe when we go to a beach next time, we could try to play it. Luhan and Yixing seems like to play the game the first time since they don’t know it and Yifan was just so funny! 😀

he way Chanyeol shouts at him and he angrily throw a sand..I’m grinning wildly. I also shouts like that to the people I’m close with. You’re friends when you can just playfully shouts at him or do whatever you like  and he do a worst counter! 😀 Lulu lost in the end. (LH:Can we just go together? We are one! CY: Right, you go alone, One!) lol at how Chanyeol twist their tag line.  But the way he wrapped Lulu so that he can’t get cold before he dive was just so sweet. He look so small and so cute on Yeol’s arms!  I love you Channie for protecting my little dear! TT_TT


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