Exo Showtime ep 3


Exo Showtime ep 3

Ha~ I wanted to start my post with Luhan pic. 😛 He looks good right? I guess, this is the first time that he colored his hair black. We’ll he colored his hair from blond, pink, orange, yellow. he do it like he’s changing clothes and the awesome thing is.. he still look good. Let’s see how long he will keep this black hair. I usually love it when he’s hair is blond or in unusual color but if he look this good.. couldn’t complain no more.

Personally, I love the previous episode of EST. This one is a bit boring.. specially the last 30 minutes. lol. Common guys.. I want to see you in girl clothes! 😛 It was funny when Sehun and Kai showed their thrifty sides but they kept on saying that they don’t want to burdened Chanyeol so they only bought him small sizes of mouth wash, cotton balls, band aids. They even bought a buy 1 take 1 coffee. Overall, they only spend W7500. Who would give a gift like that? haha. Kai~ I always have my eyes on him. This kid really have big dreams. When Chanyeol asked what he want, he immediately answered “a house”. Well, I also wanted a house. I don’t know if Tao credit cards got off. He always asked Kris to buy him things! So Kris told him to choose and if it suits him, he will buy it for him but Tao said he is 100% sure that Yifan will tell him it didn’t suit him. Ha~ I guess, Kris used this tactics so many times to avoid spending money to Tao. Such a clever leader. We now witness how small Luhan head is. He is so cute wearing those furry hats. I see that Xiumin and Luhan love hanging around. Well~ Xiuhan is my first ship in EXO. They are so cute together and even though they are the oldest, they look like the youngest so people called them the fake maknaes. My Suju bias Donghae is also called fake maknae! Luhan really bought the Koala hat. He also like Koala just like Kris who even claimed himself as the Koala. Ace, his son, is also a Koala. Why my biases have so much in common? keke. Good thing that Chanyeol was able to guess the gift he gave.. it’s a bennie. I always love bennie~ Lulu, will you buy me one too? My friend who is also a fan said she feel in love again with Lulu. lol. She started first as a Luhan bias.. then these days she told me she think, she love Kai and Sehun.. I don’t have a problem when my friend have different or same bias with me. So, I said it’s ok. Just protect Jongin cause I love him too.. and now she’s going back to Lulu. lol.. I said you’re a two timer! haha. I on the other hand, seldom changed bias.. since the beginning it is Luhan and until now it is still Luhan.

Overall, I still enjoy the first 30 minutes of the show and fell a little bit off on the rest but then, it is EXO so I still watch it. We were so worried that we have to wait a little longer for a sub vid because baekhundred accounts got blocked but luckily, these fandom were blessed with so many awesome and fastest subbers. The videos have different titles in youtube so that it won’t be blocked.. so you have to get the link from fanpages and fansites.^^ It was fun, we were like bandits! haha.


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