I had decided that I will lessen my time spent over the internet. I could not properly sleep so I always dozed off in the office. May be less EXO as well, I will still keep my self updated but I will not stay longer in FB and twitter. Let’s see if I can live by just two hours per day. I still need to be updated on the current events on my country though these bad news only give me stress. I also need to give more time to my brother. I didn’t talk to him for a longer of time. I feel guilty cause sometimes I am more updated on EXO activities than his whereabouts. It pained so much whenever I realize it ..that sometimes.. I love these kpop groups more than my brother. I will give him an hour of my day.  Maybe.. I will start with this, to update myself about him. I feel so sorry. These are the things that keep on bothering me. I feel so stuck up and not moving around. Disadvantages of being addicted to kpop is sometimes, it leads you away from your family and those people who are actually around you and care for you. I will start one step at a time. I made it on K-drama. I didn’t watch any except for The Heirs unlike before that my whole weekend had just passed by  without me noticing it because I was glued in front of television trying to finish all the episodes.

Last week, my friend gave me a small note telling me to always look at the things that can’t be seen by an eye. She is aware how I was so addicted with these groups. She knows that I don’t even have a crush even in the office because my standard went so high. Lol. Maybe, this is the things that she wants to tell me. To look around for my Mr. Right.. My mom sometimes nagged me to get married and I was like.. How, if I don’t even have a boyfriend? I also wished that he will come into my life soon and I wish that he will support and understand me for who I am..Me, being a fan girl.

I mention that I will still follow EXO and Kpop but not as much as I follow them for the last couple of months. Luhan had been spotted filming EXO showtime wearing a very thick, black jacket, with his black hair!  I don’t know if I should be happy about it. Isn’t this the first time that he will have a black hair and I’m a sucker to blond people. Anyway, he sported so many hair color, from pink, to metallic, to yellow and he still looks so good. I wanted to see though how he look like in black hair. Will he be manly Lulu this time? It is also reported that five members will promote the MID this week. I;m so excited cause it means I could hear Lulu sing the song live. Lay will most likely play the piano I guess. I also saw the scan photos of EXO 2014 calendar. Their concept is all about sports and I go nuts on Luhan costume. He has a boxing gloves and is wearing a jumper. Lol. What is it? A toddler playing boxing? 

I just watch the EXO oven the radio episode 3 and they explain that the third track in the album “The star” is like having a crush to the star on top of the Christmas tree that is hard to reach! Lemme cry a bucket! Lulu is the one on top of the Christmas tree and is really hard to reach. Anyway, how could they bring laughter to me in just a mere of 5 minutes? The rap battle~ made me want to curl my hands like a christmas ball and throw it at their faces! haha. kidding. XD


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