GONE ft. Xiumin


This is the Gone mv of Jin staring Xiumin and this really makes me really sad! I love Xiumin a lot! I love him and he just die here. The story was just so sad. Young couple, perfect for each other, love each other perfectly in a wrong time and wrong situation. Their time is borrowed.. no..His time is borrowed. I’m close to tears when he collapsed on piano keys and the guy brought him out from the house like a shattered glass.. so fragile and broken and gone. He’s gone before he could play his final key.. his final message.. “I love you”.

This is one of my favorite.. I mean, it’s not really often that we can watch this kind of MV in a kpop world that anytime we can pour our eyes because we are broken and hurt of what we saw. And Xiumin, this guy can act..can dance well.. I know he has a pretty good voice too. I wanted to thank Wollim for giving him this kind of role. Who would think that he is 9 years older than YooJung.? He looked so young.. such a pretty boy.. tsk tsk.. why they exist? I can’t help not to love them and love them day by day!


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